ADHD treatments for adults and children are often stimulants or other prescribed medication. As a Manchester psychiatrist, we know there are other options. If you are among those who are not comfortable with prescriptions, here are some natural ADHD treatment options to consider.

Medication vs. Holistic Methods

Although medication is sometimes necessary, there are many alternative natural treatment options for adult ADHD. These can include nutrition, natural supplements, therapy, and lifestyle changes. These holistic options for treatment do not have the side effects that traditional medications carry with them like the risk of dependency or negative effect implications when you stop taking them..


Clean eating, exercise, and supplements are an important part of a healthy lifestyle. If you have ADHD, there could be added benefits. Read on to learn more about how certain activities and vitamins can help. Let’s start with vitamins and supplements.

  • Zinc – This mineral helps regulate dopamine (a messenger in your nervous system). When you are deficient in zinc, this could lead to issues with attention
  • Vitamin B6 – A key player in maintaining a healthy nervous system. Deficiency in B6 could lead to increased activity and trouble concentrating.
  • Magnesium – Also important to keep your nervous system running smoothly. Lack of magnesium can manifest symptoms similar to ADHD including decreased ability to pay attention.
  • Vitamin C – Necessary to create neurotransmitters (more messengers in your nervous system).
  • Iron – Required to create dopamine.


Moving into the diet, maintaining healthy blood sugar levels, intake of protein, and limiting sugar all factor into helping improve symptoms of ADHD by maintaining healthy chemical balances inside the body. Specifically, overindulging in sugar can cause problems with focus, memory issues, and “sugar crashes.” Irregular eating habits result in fluctuating blood sugar levels. Unstable levels cause irritability, decreased energy, focus, and attention. Consuming protein helps your neurotransmitters function optimally and keeps your blood sugar at healthy levels. These are only a few examples of how what you consume affects your nervous system and could help or hinder adult ADHD symptoms.


No amount or type of therapy can cure your ADHD. However, when you work with a Manchester psychiatrist familiar with natural ADHD treatments for adults, you can learn how to manage it. You can learn positive behaviors that help you through your day. You and your therapist can also identify things that create challenges for you and how to work around them.

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