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Do you have difficulty with attention, focus, or organization?  Are you struggling with being productive or staying on-task?  Have you wondered if you might have ADHD (or something similar)?

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Taconic Psychiatry provides holistic and conventional pharmacologic treatment for people from all over Vermont with ADHD and other attention difficulties.  We work with clients ages 16-years-old and up to help them identify the problem, discover practical solutions, and overcome.  If you are interested and ready to get signed up, please contact us today.

What is ADHD?

Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, or ADHD, is a neurological disorder that affects the brain’s ability to regulate emotion and attention.  The symptoms include difficulties with concentration, planning, organizing tasks and items, sitting still, and staying on-task.  The signs of ADHD can be detected as early as three years old, although most people with ADHD are symptomatic before age 12.

There are three types of ADHD: inattentive type, impulsive/hyperactive type, and combined type.  Just as the labels imply, the type of ADHD depends on whether you primarily struggle with attention, impulsivity, or both.  But ADHD isn’t just about being easily distracted or having trouble concentrating – it’s about being able to regulate and exert self-control.

Many people with ADHD experience both difficulties with focus as well as moments where they hyper-focus and tune the rest of the world out.  Additionally, their impulses can feel difficult to manage and control, which is why they might blurt out or interrupt others unintentionally.

The symptoms of ADHD are rooted in differences in the prefrontal cortex of the brain, which is responsible for executive functioning as well as behavioral and emotional control.  While some children with ADHD grow out of their symptoms as the prefrontal cortex develops, many continue to experience difficulties in adulthood.

Do I have ADHD?

Due to the increase in awareness about ADHD over the past few decades, some adults have come to realize that they may have undiagnosed difficulties with attention.   However, difficulties with attention can also be caused by several other issues, such as anxiety, depression, and trauma.  Therefore, people who suddenly begin to experience attention issues in adulthood may not have ADHD.

Regardless of whether or not you have ADHD, there’s a reason you are here visiting our website.  You want help, answers, and solutions to your problems.  And we are here for you.

How do you treat attention problems?

The first and most important step in getting help for attention difficulties involves an accurate diagnosis.  As a neurological disorder with long-term neurological traits, treatment for ADHD is different compared to other issues.  A diagnostic assessment by a psychologist or psychiatrist can help you identify the problem and rule out things like depression or trauma.

Once ADHD is identified, the gold-standard treatment involves a combination of psychiatric interventions.  As a neurologically based disorder that affects the mind and body, both therapy and medication are needed for optimal outcomes.  Here at Taconic Psychiatry, we proudly offer a comprehensive, holistic approach to helping people with ADHD.

How can medication for ADHD help?

Imagine that your brain is an airplane, and your prefrontal cortex (the area most affected by ADHD) is the pilot.

For most people, the pilot does their job just fine, and the flight goes as planned.  However, for people with ADHD, the pilot is really sleepy.  The pilot nods off and drifts as the plane has trouble staying on track.  People with hyperactive and fidgety tendencies act this way because they are trying to jolt the pilot awake.  So, psychiatrists prescribe medications that help the pilot stay alert, awake, and focused on flying well.  Taconic Psychiatry’s Dr. Adam Pruett can help you identify the best combination of traditional and holistic medicine to help your brain work the way it’s supposed to.

How can therapy for ADHD help?

Once your pilot is finally awake and alert, they may realize that they slept their way through parts of pilot school.

Similarly, growing up with ADHD means that you might have missed out on some essential learning experiences.  Dr. Ben Stillman, our psychologist, provides psychodynamic psychotherapy designed to help you learn some of these essential skills while also developing a deeper understanding of who you are.  You might not really know how to plan and organize your life.

You may never have learned how to regulate your emotions properly.  You may not have had the chance to truly, intimately connect with friends and loved ones.  But it doesn’t have to stay that way.

If you or a loved one are struggling with attention issues, don’t wait and hope for things to get better on their own.  Get the help you deserve, get your life back on track, and get started with us at Taconic Psychiatry.

Ben Stillman, Psy.D.
Ben Stillman, Psy. D

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